Does American Education Aids run Classroom Courses?

   The answer is an emphatic NO.
    We strongly believe, for the following reasons, that classroom coaching is wholly inappropriate for preparation for tests like GRE and GMAT.

   The syllabi of the Quantitative Ability sections of both GRE and GMAT are of High School mathematics only. There is no sense in a GRE or GMAT candidate sitting in a classroom again to relearn school-level mathematics.

   The Verbal Ability sections of GRE and GMAT test your knowledge of English grammar and your comprehension skill through some special types of questions which you had not come across in your college career. Again, you do not have to sit in a classroom to learn basic English grammar. What is required for your preparation is an effective introductory lesson followed by exposure to a large number of authentic questions of these new types.

   Both GRE and GMAT require that you answer the questions at a fast pace. You can achieve such a fast pace only by answering a very large number of questions by yourself and not by sitting and listening to lectures by someone in a classroom.

   In addition to lucid lessons, our study materials give effective drill for you to answer hundreds of each type of questions by yourself and then give you a clear explanation of each question which has been written by Mr. Ramakrishnan so as to make you feel as if he is sitting with you and teaching you.

   Again, a highly heterogeneous set of students who have studied different subjects such as Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, English Literature, Economics, Philosophy and Geography will enrol in a GRE or GMAT classroom coaching. How can a teacher tailor his lectures effectively to suit each one of such a heterogeneous set of students?

   Classroom coaching is also bound to be more expensive than guided self-study. It will also involve wasteful commuting time which the student can more usefully spend in self-study. These are the reasons why American Education Aids does not offer coaching classes either by itself or through franchisees. The effectiveness of its system of guided study has been proved in the case of each one of the thousands of students it has helped to get admission in US Universities in the last 32 years since 1980!